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Where We Are

Via Melzo, 7, Milano (ITALY)
Tel. 02 205231

Who We Are

Established in 1961 by Oreste Jannelli with his wife and cousins, Jannelli & Volpi will celebrate their first 50 years on 13th May 2011. The Italian market leader in wallpaper and furnishing fabrics, we maintain our position through our ability to create products of the highest standards in style and quality.

2006 was a significant year for the company both with the start of the construction of a new manufacturing plant at Sirpi (part of the Jannelli & Volpi group of companies), and the completion of the extensive refurbishment of the Milan headquarters at Via Melzo 7, participation in the first events of the ‘Fuori Salone’ season, becoming known as a major wallpaper showroom, developing the JV Concept Store of Jannelli & Volpi, and becoming known as a destination for events and cultural initiatives dedicated to decor and which, at the end of 2010 was replicated in Istanbul.

In this same year (2006) Jannelli & Volpi presented to the wallcoverings world a new concept known as ‘Wallpaper on Demand’, making it possible through WonD to create unique wallcoverings in any required dimensions.

In January we launched, at Maison & Objet, the JV Italian Design brand which comprised wallcovering collections for international markets and specifically targeted at the contract market. In April of that year we launched the first in a series of collections under the brand ‘Marimekko wallcovering by Sirpi’ (manufactured by part of the Jannelli & Volpi Group under license) which Jannelli & Volpi distributes in Italy and which SIRPI distributes abroad, and which will be further developed each year.

At the beginning of 2010 the JV Contract division opened, which remains a core business area of the Company.

What's New

Logo Design Index ADI

'Jannelli & Volpi', selected in the issue ADI DESIGN INDEX 2012.


The 'Permanent Design Observatory selected for the in the issue ADI Design Index 2012 our product:


collezione J&V 5x10 Celebration di Jannelli&Volpi art director Matteo Ragni

The mention concerns the category: materials and components


J&V 5x10

The ADI Design Index selections have been conducted with rigor and merit criteria, thanks to commitment of a knowledge network: the Permanent Design Observatory, consisting of over 100 experts, organized into committees that operate at three levels (local committees, committee by themes, final selection committee).Therefore continues the excellence collection 2011-2012-2013 which will be then entrusted to the selection of the International Jury for the award of the XXIII ADI Prize Compasso d'Oro.


The Winners and / or mentioned in the XXIII edition of the Prize will then become part of Historical Collection of the ADI Compasso d'Oro, declared "national heritage of outstanding artistic and historical interest" and belonging to the ADI Foundation.

ADI Design Index has become, since 2009, beside pre-selection for the Compasso d'Oro also annual selection for the "Prize of Prizes for Innovation," sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic.




Jannelli&Volpi launched the 5x10 Wallpaper Celebration project to celebrate the anniversary of the Company with 5 famous designers (near 10 emerging talents)– Paola Navone, Italo Lupi, Giulio Iacchetti, Diego Grandi and Matteo Ragni – who were responsible for the designs in the JV5x10 Celebration collection within the brand J&V Italian Design by Jannelli&Volpi to be sold in international markets.

Italian Design

In 2009 Jannelli & Volpi launched the J&V Italian Design brand. The new brand comprises wallcovering collections created for international markets, specifically for contract markets, and they made their debut at the Maison & Objets exhibition in Paris.

To the first collections – JV301, JV501, JV701city and JV750 – were added, in 2010, the JV901 vip-very important paper collection, and in 2011 the two collecrtions JV477 Seta and JV450 Natural.

The J&V Italian Design collections are differentiated by their characteristics and though they will grace any high-end residential application they are particularly suited to contract end-uses, in particular thanks to the width of the wallcovering of 90-100cm and their availability by linear metre which makes them especially useful for large surface areas. The features of the J&V Italian Design collections guarantee a high-quality technical standard which is perfect for high-end residential uses as well as for public spaces.

A unique design feature will be evident in the J&V Italian Design collection JV5x10, which will consist of 10 graphic designs created by 5 Italian designers (Paola Navone, Italo Lupi, Giulio Iacchetti, Diego Grandi e Matteo Ragni) selected to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Company.

All the J&V Italian Designcollections are sold in Europe, Asia, Canada and Russia, in addition to Italy through the Jannelli & Volpi showroom and through the network of customers.